Borys Kushniruk

In Russia, over the last ten years, it can be seen as with the help of the total control over television – the main mass media for common Russians – the authorities have been controlling public moods. The Russian pro-government propaganda machine hounds Russians on social activists, opposition politicians, whole countries, turning them into enemies. Tiny Estonia or a little larger Georgia may become among the main enemies of the largest country in the world with the biggest nuclear arsenal. Russian non-government organization activists, receiving foreign grants to develop civil society, are being turned into enemies.

Today LGBT group representatives have become such enemies of Russia.

The constant making of new enemies creates the atmosphere of hatred towards a different opinion, explicit xenophobia and racism in the Russian society.

Clearly, the authorities need it all to distract the citizens from the disgraceful plunder of the nation’s natural resources and budget money by the powers that be and close to them oligarchs, to distract from the ever-growing stratification of the population.

And this constant change of enemies strongly resembles Oceania from Orwell’s novel “1984”.

But this intolerance, purposefully cultivated and supported in society by the Kremlin leadership cannot but lead to considerably less controlled and directed by the government disorders. If one watches Russian television programmes and reads discussions on the Internet forums, one can see how deeply the fascization of the Russian society has been rooted. Right, the Russian authorities still can manipulate these moods and direct then into the necessary way. But every day it is becoming growingly difficult and more often the main participants of such outrageous rebellions and violence will become the activists of various right radical Russian nationalist, orthodox Christian organizations. They do not even hide their national socialist views.

So far the Russian authorities have managed to keep the population’s loyalty, due to the income from elevated prices for energy sources and other raw materials at the international markets. But any significant changes to the trend of these prices, not necessarily long-term, may lead to the fast escalation of social unrest and completely uncontrollable outbursts of violence and witch hunting. Such enemies are likely to become the representatives of the authority but not only them. Rage will be aimed at all citizens of non-Russian nationality.

Xenophobia and intolerance, having been imposed in the Russian society for a long time, cannot but lead to riots, unreasonable and ruthless, on ethnic grounds and not only on the capital Biryulevo level but also the national scale in Russia.


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