Borys Kushniruk

Advocates of the Eurasian way of development are constantly trying to set before calculations of delirious earnings which Ukraine will get if it joins the Customs Union. Having said so they scare Ukrainians with incredible losses and inevitable default in case of signing the Association Agreement with the EU. In this regard a well-known Ukrainian economist, professor Burakovskyi reasonably notices that all economic and mathematical calculations referred to by the supporters of the Customs Union foresee a considerable number of factors and assumptions. And if at least some of them are specified incorrectly, then all the calculations and conclusions are wrong. Therefore, pros and cons of entering the Customs Union or moving towards European development are to be measured not based on mathematical calculations, concludes he. And it’s difficult to disagree with this.

Obviously, the decision has to be based on conclusions about prospects of the EU and the Customs Union development types. It is obvious that the pivotal, fundamental disadvantage of the Customs Union is that now it is an association of authoritative, extremely corrupt regimes which basically aren’t capable of introducing an innovative way of development. Non-democratic management system, non-transparent allocation of budget and available natural resources in the interests of elites close to power make economies of these countries extremely inefficient. Considering that the main driving force of the Customs Union are Russian powers-that-be who see this association only as an instrument for political goals – the renewal of the Russian empire in its former borders, – one shouldn’t count on its effective functioning. And owing to objective reasons it can’t be different. Therefore, it has no future. This association has nothing which makes it potentially productive, which forms opportunities for dynamic development… And if this is the way things are, is it worth going in the direction which has no future?

At the same time, the EU is one of the greatest financially reliable and innovative markets. Innovation of production exceeds 75% in the EU. The EU is a territory of highly effective innovative economy, with transparent rules of the game, with society control over democratically elected power, with independent courts, with protected property rights. And if we weigh in the balance the development way towards the EU or the Customs Union, then it is obvious that it is a choice between past memories and future prospects. Is there any use wondering where it is better for Ukraine to go?


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