Borys Kushniruk

People in Ukraine don’t get surprised by the actions of the Russian leadership in relation to Ukraine already for a long time. Everyone understands that they mirror a desire to renew the Russian empire in borders of, at least, the Soviet Union times. And for the sake of achievement of this maniacal dream all means are fair for the Russian leadership. Therefore, in Ukraine nobody faints from statements that Ukraine and Ukrainians are fairytales of Austria-Hungarians, and that there never existed such a nation and Ukrainian language as it is. Nobody already vigorously reacts to the territorial claims constantly voiced by Moscow. And statements of the chief sanitary officer of Russia Onischenko about detecting benzopyrene in Roshen confectionery are treated rather with irony. Although nobody did actually find this carcinogen in Roshen production later on.

But what’s already calmly perceived by Ukrainian citizens used to constant tricks of the Russian authorities became a surprise to Europeans for some reason. Although over the last decade everyone had an opportunity to observe Putin’s and his teams’ growing inadequacy. It seems like European steersmen were so occupied by the desire to get economic benefits from the cooperation with Russia that were ready to close eyes and ears for too long. But there is nothing strange and unexpected in the actions of the present Russian president. It is appropriate to simply recall how he came to power, and what role then was played by the events connected with explosions of multi-apartment buildings in Moscow, with never established terrorists responsible for that. We can also get the face of the former employee of Russia’s secret service Olexandr Lytvynenko out of the corners of our memory who was poisoned by polonium in London. Does anyone of the European leaders have doubts concerning the fact who was able to afford to order a demonstrative murder of a person by the substance worth of 10 million US dollars?

And also it is worth recalling the purposeful occupation and annexation of a considerable part of the territory of Georgia which was preceded by continuous provocations carried out by hitmen who received weapon before that from the so-called Russian peacekeepers.

It is also appropriate not to forget about the gas blockade arranged by Russia for Ukraine at the beginning of 2009. However, it wasn’t done without the preplanned plot of Putin and Tymoshenko who was the prime minister of Ukraine then. But this is another story.

We may not even recall political repressions directed at public activists and oppositionists and those businessmen who tried to resist to the clan of Federal Security Service of Russia which seized power there. Everything is too obvious here. Although it is worth remembering this. As it is known, the foreign policy is the continuation of the internal policy. This rule is known not for one millennium, and it continues to work now as well.

Amid all this the actions of the Russian power, connected with capturing the Greenpeace ship in neutral waters by the Russian military, arresting and accusing Greenpeace action participants of terrorism look completely natural, although unexpected in Europe. And the emergence of contrived coincidence in the form of drugs allegedly found on the ship is too typical for the Russian realities. Although as drugs appeared, so they can unexpectedly disappear, in case Russian steersmen change their opinion about the future destiny of “green” activists.

Well, and when it comes to tricks of different Russian agencies which can advance absurd claims against the quality of production of these or those European producers, Europeans will also have to get used to that. Claims against the quality of Lithuanian and Dutch milk, against Dutch flowers – how familiar all this is. These methods have already been tested a long time ago in relations of Russia with the countries of the former Soviet Union. And now it’s the EU countries’ turn.

Considering this, some European steersmen, probably, even despite their own reluctance, will have to realize that the further we go, the less adequate and predictable actions of Putin’s regime will become. And it will be simply impossible to come to agreement with him.


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