Borys Kushniruk

Today I saw a report about a very embarrassing story which has happened recently. A big group of Ukrainian journalists was supposed to go to Brussels to cover the events there. To go to Belgium for a business trip, journalists addressed the consulate of this country. As a result, 32 journalists received… a two-day Schengen visa. Two-day visa, journalists. When told about this, journalists from the European Union countries didn’t believe it and said it was a lie. Because such a thing can’t happen. Passports with these two-day visas demonstrated to them aroused their shock.

We aren’t even saying that such actions of the Belgian diplomats are violation of the agreement on the simplified visa regime, the changes to which came into force in summer of the current year. In this case the essence is even not in the violation of arrangements between Ukraine and the European Union. We’re speaking about the group of the leading Ukrainian journalists who form public opinion in the Ukrainian society to a large extent.

This is an example of undisguised disrespect for the Ukrainian journalists. And by the way, as far as I know, neither representatives of the government of Belgium, nor representatives of the European Commissions have issued apologies for this yet.

What attitude these journalists can have towards the euroofficials who can’t provide implementation of the obligations taken by the European Union in relation to Ukraine? But these obligations do exist.

How should then Ukrainian government officials perceive the mentor tone of euroofficials, if they see how those same euroofficials provide the implementation of obligations of the European Union.

It would be interesting to see the reaction of the European Federation of Journalists. What do they think of this example, I won’t be afraid to say, of contempt of representatives of the consulate of Belgium for the Ukrainian journalists?

Is it possible they will pretend they don’t know about such a case? Is it possible that Belgian journalists won’t show solidarity with their Ukrainian colleagues?


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