Borys Kushniruk


I am Borys Kushniruk, a Ukrainian economist, doing economic and political analytics. In 1992 I graduated from the Kyiv Institute of National Economy in the speciality “National Economy Planning”.

I have worked twice as chairman of the board of directors for a commercial bank; have been head of a group of advisers for President of Association of Ukrainian Banks, Consultant on the issues of the banking sector development for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

I have written several hundreds of articles on the subject of the Ukrainian and world economy. In addition, I have written and made public in the Ukrainian media a number of the analytical studies concerning the analysis of the causes and consequences of the Russian-Georgian War in 2008, corruption in Ukraine’s gas market including while signing the notorious gas contracts in January 2009.

Since September 2007 I have been running my blog in the leading Ukrainian on-line periodical “Ukrainska Pravda”.

I am not liked by many in the Ukrainian politics for my journalistic blogs and articles. I am not committed to any pro-government or opposition political power. That is why many times I have caused both to fall out with each other if I believed that their statements and actions are unprofessional, corrupt or populist.

However, I am not afraid to advocate at times quite unpopular decisions of the authorities if I believe them right and necessary for the country. For example, without reserve, I actively support such unpopular in Ukrainian society decisions as raising retirement age, drastic decrease and monetization of social subsidies, raising utilities tariffs, electricity and gas tariffs, ban on smoking in public places and others.

According to my views and beliefs I relate myself to neoconservatives advocating exclusively the European development of Ukraine.

Considering myself a Ukrainian patriot, I am absolutely against anti-Semitism, homophobia, and any other indications of xenophobia or racism in Ukrainian society.

Running the blog is an opportunity to deliver my position to those in Europe and the world who are interested in Ukraine’s situation. I do not promise to be nice in my blogs and have no intention to make somebody in Ukraine or Europe like me. That is why in the blogs I will write not only what needs to be done for the fulfillment of the pro-European way of Ukraine’s development. In the blogs I am likely to have to criticize actions of not only Ukrainian but also European and American politicians or public figures. There may also appear those who will not understand or have no special sympathy for me among my European readers. I am ready for a sincere, open discussion with them, although hoping to find there also like-minded people who will share my views and who worry for Ukraine’s destiny.

Chess is one of my hobbies (I am a candidate for master of sport) and also water-skiing.

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